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We subscribe to a couple of philosophies as principal foundations for best practices when

developing ,  (re) positioning , (re) purposing , (re) branding or simply refreshing that best

define our proposition when working with clients:

1)     ​Identify a Need. Provide a Solution. Create an Opportunity.©

2)    An IDEA becomes a BIG deal when it becomes an IDEAL ©

Whether you have or are planning to have a product, a brand, a service or a company, each of

the above addresses specific desires or needs of a target audience, industry sector, investors, or,  

the general public-at-large. Each tagline (and/or subsequent strap line) is a philosophy, a mantra and a mission. We coined ours, we believe in them, and they've proven to be effective in meeting and/or exceeding expectations when working with our clients.

If you're not currently capitalizing on the simplicity of these messages, or, if you are but could use a little clarity or motivation then we'd like to talk with you.

Part Collaborators, Facilitators, Explorers. Ideators & Creators

We are collaborators inasmuch as our top priority is to work harmoniously with you in order

to better understand and achieve your desires/expectations/goals. We are equal part

facilitators, drawing on our collective instinct, knowledge and experiences to navigate processes in the most seamless and efficient manner. We are explorers, seeking out a unique perspective that

resonates on as many frequencies as possible, positioning your product/service/company for success. Ultimately, we are ideators and creators with a designed focus to create a memorable experience for your audience while simultaneously stimulating a certain curiousity and demand. 

The Three "R"s

We do an extensive review of where you are, how you’ve gotten there and where you desire to be. The legacy of your product/service/company is a critical and necessary element to defining and attaining goals.  If you are in the beginning/developmental stages, we will coordinate all elements from ideation to  market-placement.  

We dedicate a significant amount of resources to market research, Knowing the competitive landscape, from pitfalls to windfalls, as well as consumer/market trends allows us to efficiently

and effectively navigate a course of action designed to meet our collective expectations. 


Upon completing the above R&R, it’s time to provide you with options designed to advance your objectives and attain your goals. Image, messaging, manufacturing, ambassadorship, processes and distribution; we're equipped to provide everything you need to become UbiquitoUS.


​“An idea becomes a BIG deal when it becomes an IDEAL“. 
Let’s create your IDEAL. Be UbiquitoUS.

 © UbiquitoUS Products International