Are you making a logical appeal to an emotional audience? Why do we ask this?

Because actions are dictated by emotional drivers. Think about the first reason

you were attracted to the things you love and admire: people, pets, clothing, cars,

furnishings, foods – even services, sports teams or ideas. Forget cost or specific

attributes. The first reason is attraction, and attraction occurs on an emotional level.

In short, sentiment trumps sanity when it comes to desire.

Attraction takes many forms, and shallow as it may seem, outward appearance is 

often the first thing we have to go on. Appearance connects to impulse and impacts

decision making before you are even aware a decision is being made. For over a

century now, the best marketers have outsold their competition by outwitting them

and appealing to their audience on a purely emotional level in the marketplace.

After all, it is called “market-place” and that means a little (or a lot) of gamesmanship is

at work. If you find your marketing leans on logic, perhaps it’s time to warm things up a bit

and really get into the game and get noticed.​ Be desired. Be admired. Be UbiquitoUs.


​“An idea becomes a BIG deal when it becomes an IDEAL“.

Let’s create your IDEAL. Be UbiquitoUS.

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