U b i q u i t o U S ​                                                                                                                         

   p r o d u c t s 


Ubiquitous Products collaborates with creative, sales, marketing, manufacturing and

consumer goods/service industry experts to develop, define and enhance the value

proposition and audience appeal of your offerings.

Whether you have an established company, brand, product or service, or, are just

beginning, we’d like to discuss your goals with you to determine how we can help

you achieve them. Put our resources, knowledge, experience and instinct to work

for you and attain your desired goals more efficiently, effectively and logically.  

Branding – Company | Products | Services
Communication – Naming | Tagline | Straplines |Sales Collateral | Presentations |

Design –  Logo | Package | Banner Ads | P.O.P. |Trade Show | Direct Mail
Product Development – Ideation | Conceptualization | Sourcing | Manufacturing
Sales – Structure | Representation | Distribution | Training | Management | Presentations |

Contracts | Collateral

Marketing – Strategy | Planning | Copywriting | Editing 
Business Development – Strategy | B2B | B2C
Reports – Analysis | Audits (industry/sector/market/channel) | Sales (planning/forecasting) |

P & L

Logistics – Warehousing | Distribution | Fulfillment

I.P.  – Trademark | Patent (research/application/registration/maintenance)


                                                      “An idea becomes a BIG deal when it becomes an IDEAL“.  

                                                                     Let’s create your IDEAL. Be UbiquitoUS.​

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