"...present, appearing or found everywhere..."

Could your company, product or service use a little ubiquity?


Identify a Need. Provide a Solution. Create an Opportunity.

If these words reflect your company, product(s) and/or service(s) then kudos on a job well done. However, if you’re not capitalizing on the simplicity and focus of this message then perhaps it’s time. Effectively and efficiently aligning your purpose, products and presentation with your audience makes all the difference.

What It Is. What It Does. Why You Need It.

If these words resonate with you due to some distant memory conjured up from your free-spirited youth, then the admen from back then get a gold star. If they sound familiar because they are part of your core communications, then you get a gold star! If the latter doesn’t ring true then let’s have a conversation and decide how we can help you get one (or more) of those coveted gold stars.

The Three “Rs”

Review. Let’s review where you are and how you’ve gotten there. It’s important to not lose touch with the “green”, “yellow” and “red lights” along the road/way. Refine. Let’s decide if we can refine to enhance any of the elements and or assets that you currently employ in your communications and messaging. Reposition. Let’s determine if, after reviewing, it’s time to reposition any of the product, packaging, practices, or processes to better meet your audience’s needs (as well as your expectations).


This is the access that your audience/prospective customer has to your products, service or company. It can be visual, verbal, tactile or, a combination of any or all three. I like to refer to this as a multi-sensory messaging. Regardless of the touch-point, your main objective is to ensure it is pleasant, meaningful and memorable. To achieve this you need consistent, qualified communications that are in touch with your capabilities, audience and objectives.


Once we’ve defined purpose, capabilities, needs, audience and objectives it’s time to for action.  To become truly ubiquitous and expand your brand-width you need the right  image, message, ambassadorship, distribution, and processes. Let’s focus on your brand and define a message that resonates with both the retailer and consumer.

“An iDEA becomes a BiG DEAL when it becomes an iDEAL“. Let me help you create your iDEAL. Let me help your story be heard. Be UBiQUiTOUS.


Decision Making

Are you making a logical appeal to an emotional audience? Why do I ask this? Because emotions drive decisions.

A dog’s actions are dictated by emotional drivers. We aren’t so different. Think about the first reason you were attracted to the things you love and admire: people, clothing, cars, furnishings, foods – even services, sports teams or ideas. Forget cost or specific attributes. The first reason is attraction, and attraction occurs on an emotional level. In short, sentiment trumps sanity when it comes to desire.

Attraction takes many forms, and shallow as it may seem, outward appearance is often the first thing we have to go on. Appearance connects to impulse and impacts decision making before you are even aware a decision is being made. For over a century now, the best marketers have outsold their competition by outwitting them and appealing to their audience on a purely emotional level in the marketplace.

After all, it is called “market-place” and that means a little (or a lot) of gamesmanship is at work. If you find your marketing leans on logic, perhaps it’s time to warm things up a bit and really get into the game. Be desired.

“An iDEA becomes a BiG DEAL when it becomes an iDEAL“. Let me help you create your iDEAL. Let me help your story be heard. Be UBiQUiTOUS.


Whether you have an established company, brand, product or service, or, are in the beginning stages of your project, I’d like to discuss your goals with you. Put my knowledge, experience, instinct and resources to work for you today and achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.  

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“An iDEA becomes a BiG DEAL when it becomes an iDEAL“. Let me help you create your iDEAL. Let me help your story be heard. Be UBiQUiTOUS.






I spent my early career in retail which afforded me valuable insight into merchandising, marketing and management. I eventually migrated to the manufacturing side (LeapFrog®). Within a period of a few years, I was part of “the team” that created one of the most widely recognized, respected and successful consumer brands in the world.

Working with the creative, branding and marketing divisions I developed a sales strategy and team that effectively communicated (and leveraged) the unique value proposition that differentiated Leapfrog® from the competition. Retailers got it, and not just toy retailers. Consumers really got it.

Identifying opportunities beyond the specific (toy) vertical enabled me to place product in the bookseller, electronic, office supply, shop-at-home and grocery channels. These accounts (coupled with the boutique and educational channels) represented roughly 80% of the company’s total distribution points and supported overall annual sales of nearly $700 million. Recognizing consumer trends, building relationships with a diverse range of retailers and effectively communicating a value proposition for all involved were key ingredients in creating a global brand.

Positioning product beyond a traditional vertical and developing alternate channels (“horizontals“) takes insight, instinct, knowledge and experience. When done properly the results can (and should) be spectacular. By adopting a similar approach with your product(s) and/or service(s) we can develop a strategy that best identifies and aligns your value proposition with retailers and audiences alike. Let’s dominate your vertical and then expand it horizontally.

Whether you have a new or established business,  product, brand, or an idea, let’s have a conversation and determine how we can best apply knowledge, experience and instinct to design and implement a strategy that helps you attain your objectives.

“An iDEA becomes a BiG DEAL when it becomes an iDEAL“. Let me help you create your iDEAL. Let me help your story be heard. Be UBiQUiTOUS.



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